High Performance Cloth Tape

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3M 389

Hotline: (852) 2440 1310

Brand: 3M

Model: 389

Color: White

Size: 50mm x 50m

Rolls Per Case 24

3M™ 389 High Performance Cloth Tape

The 389 tape is a high tack adhesive

designed for all general purpose

applications in the marine industry that

requires a comformable high performance tape. With a very

good resistance to the marine environment this tape can be

used for protecting, maintaining, attaching cables, plastics

and many other substrates. Thickness : 0,26 mm. Adhesion

on steel : 900 cN/cm.

Key product features and benefits include:

♦ Hand Tearable

♦ Moisture Resistant

♦ Adhere to Most Surfaces

♦ High Tensile Strength

♦ Good Conformability

♦ Versatile

♦ Multi-Use

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