Wrist & Foot ESD Test Meter

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SCS Combination Tester

The 3M combination tester will check wrist straps, heel grounders, and ESD shoes. Designed for manufacturing areas, this tester is self-supporting, standalone, and portable. With a stainless steel base and test button for durability.

The combination tester can be powered by an AC adapter or 9-volt battery. The tester indicates good resistance, high resistance and low resistance. Connects to wrist strap by banana plug, clip, or 10mm snap.

Standalone wrist strap and footwear tester

AC or battery powered

Solid construction

Easy to use

Multiple connections for wrist straps

ESD Testing and Auditing

Depth: 259 mm

Width: 259.08mm

Height: 960.12 mm

Terminal Size: 10mm

Power Source: Battery, Mains

Terminal Type: Banana Plug, Clip, Snap

Test Point: Wrist & Foot

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