Surface ESD Test Meter

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3M EM Eye Meter - EMF and RF Tester

The 3M EM Eye Meter is one of the smallest and most versatile instruments for measuring EM fields, RF signals and ESD events. The measurements are determined by interchangeable sensors connected to the EM Eye Meter. The EM Eye Meter compact design means it easily fits in the palm of your hand or in a shirt pocket. The touch screen and colour display make this instrument very easy to use.

The EM Eye Meter is capable of detecting ESD events and characterizes them in most HBM, CDM and MM models. By simply placing the EMF sensor head into the EM Eye Meter base, the EM Eye Meter transforms into a dedicated EMF meter, a power density meter and an EIRP meter.

Equipment Type: ESD Sensor

Height: 60.96 mm

Test Point: Surface

Width: 50.8mm

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